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     Is your car winter ready?

     Use our checklist as your guide for winter preparedness:

  • Switch to winter tires if you have low profile, wide tires for better snow grip.

  • Check tire pressure – both under and over inflated tires affect your performance.

  • Make sure your valve-stem caps are on – frozen slush will cause air to leak out.

  • Inspect and replace your wiper blades – average life of wiper blades is one year.

  • Check your washer fluid – fill to maximum level.

  • Have your battery load tested – many car part stores will do this for FREE.

  • Have your antifreeze tested for effectiveness and filled to maximum level.

  • Check your brake pad wear – if pads are thinning or if you have warped rotators, replace.

  • Check your brake fluid level – fill to maximum level.

  • Inspect your exhaust for leaks to prevent accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Make sure you stay current with oil changes to prevent engine seizure.

  • Wax your head lights and tail lights with two coats of wax to decrease ice and slush build up and make them easier to clean off.

  • Survival kit – see our recommended pack list.

How ready are you for winter?

You never know when an emergency will strike. Your friends at Eastbrook Auto Wash want you to be safe and prepared for anything. You can count on us to SAVE you money and keep you safe on the road as well! Click on the link below to find out how you can be as prepared as possible for just about any winter emergency on the road.

Survival Kit List:

You know you can count on the friendly professionals at Eastbrook Auto Wash to look out for you and your vehicle. Get the quality services you want at great prices. Find out how you and your vehicle can get safely through all kinds of extreme weather every season.

You can count on us to SAVE you money and keep you safe on the road as well. For great savings

Survival Kit List

Quality. Care. Service.

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